Welcome to Earlsdon Ballet School

Photograph taken from ‘One Night Only!’ (2011)Photograph taken from ‘One Night Only!’ 

Any dancer will tell you “ballet is the basis of all dance” and having had a career in, and choreographed all forms of dance, I can verify this. At Earlsdon Ballet School we will teach you the disciplines of the body and its capabilities: Posture and deportment being vital. You will learn the French terms for all the steps and positions which start at Pre-Primary/Preparatory level upwards.

Combined with the classical technique which is required in Ballet you will also learn character steps, and free movement. Character steps and dances are styles and rhythms from different countries, which requires a heeled shoe and circular skirt. Free movement is a more natural form of dance and is useful in developing performance and musicality and can be danced barefoot or with ballet shoes.

We are an established and friendly school where the staff are fully qualified and CRB checked and take girls and boys from 3yrs with no upper age limit. In the beginners class we also introduce tap as an option. All enquiries are welcome

Our Aims at Earlsdon Ballet School

  • Learn the disciplines of dance
  • Develop talent
  • Encourage all abilities
  • Offer examinations and qualifications
  • Introduce performance skills

Kathy Stokes
Earlsdon Ballet School